Weekend Specials


Al I can say is that it sure is beautiful out. Beautiful sky, warm temps but not so humid, all good. Let’s hope it stays with us for more than one day, but knowing how things work around here, probably not. But whether Mother Nature blesses us with another gorgeous day, or not, we will be here this weekend for some good food & wine for you to enjoy. Our specials include Black Bass, Alaska Ivory King Salmon (among the very best fish for you, taste & healthwise!) and Certified Angus Beef Delmonico Steak. We are also into week two of our new menu, so come and check it out. As I mentioned last week most of our core menu remains, so fear not, and much of what we have served in the past we can continue to provide you, but the menu has some new dishes for you to enjoy. We hope to see ya’!

On the beverage side, I am adding tomorrow to our wine feature board a French wine made by two Americans whom you know and more importantly whose other wines you enjoy. The winemakers are Joel Gott and Dave Phinney, originally of Prisoner fame but also of many other wines that we have on our wine list, and their collaboration is a wine called Shatter, which is a Grenache wine. As you may recall I am very fond of Grenache wines, and they work very well with our menu. Shatter offers more fruit than most French wines, reflecting the winemakers preference and style, but is more restrained than big fruit bomb wines from California. The other new offering this weekend is a new draft beer from Jackie O’s from Athens, Ohio, called Razz Wheat, which we think works well with the warmer temps we are having. Try it and tell me what you think.

Thanks for your continued support. We hope you are in good health and frame of mind, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


P.S. How about those CAVS!! Hooray!!!!!!!

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