Weekend Specials


Looks like sunny days are coming soon, warmer temps, it might even be a taste, dare I say, of what’s to come (hopefully). Time to be in a celebratory frame of mind and treat yourselves to some good food & wine. We intend to “celebrate” this weekend by offering as features Dover Sole, Skate Wing Fish and Certified Angus Beef Delmonico Steaks. Come join us, we’d love to see ya’!

On the wine front, I have added Location AR to our program, another in the Location series of wines from around the world crafted by Dave Phinney, the creator of Abstract, Palermo, and Papillon, among others. AR is a red blend from Argentina, and is primarily Malbec with some Cabernet and Tannat, another Bordeaux varietal grape that does well in South America. It is interesting comparing AR to the other Malbec blend on our feature board from Cuvelier, which is also very good. I think AR is slightly more fruit forward and the Cuvelier blend slightly more complex, but that’s just me. Try it for yourself. Also, there also might be another Location wine lurking in the wings that we have featured before, just saying. As I have said before, I am confident that we have a wine for you to enjoy.

It finally seems like spring has come, and we hope you are well and enjoying the seasonal transition. Thanks for all your support, and we look forward to seeing you soon.



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