Weekend Specials


Well, look on the bright side. It is March after all, and the calendar tells us that Spring is but a few weeks away, although looking outside it seems hard to believe. But have faith, I say, it has to get better soon, plus conditions are decent to head out for some good food and wine to hold you over until better days arrive, or until next week, or the next day, anyway. At Fratello’s, for instance, we will be featuring this weekend Virginia Red Drum Fish, Carolina Wild Stripped Bass, and “Ohio Proud” Pork Tenderloin, and I am confident there will be some Veal and Shrimp and Eggplant and Mussels and Clams and Calamari and Chicken and Pasta and……as well. It actually is supposed to get a bit warmer – that is, after tonight – so we hope you can come out to join us. We’d love to see ya’!

Some change are afoot with our wine board, as the Assobio from Portugal is getting in short supply and the Cabernet blend from Michael Pozzan is nearly gone. Fear not, however, as I have another red blend from Portugal ready to join the party, as well as a Cabernet blend from Chile, both of which are inexpensive and should work well with our menu. Recent additions to our wine program by the bottle include a premium Shiraz from Australia by Mollydooker, the vineyard behind The Boxer, Two Left Feet, Blue Eyed Boy and Maitre D’, called Carnival of Love. I also have a limited supply of an excellent Grenache from the Catalan region of southwestern France which a friend introduced me to. The world has many wines to enjoy, and we have our share to offer from many different countries. Ask us and we’d be happy to help you enjoy some.

As I look outside I see the sun glistening off the brilliant white snow, and I am reminded how fortunate we all are (remember, I am in a warm house, lucky me!), for many, many things. Among them are the support and friendship you have shown us all these many years, now 22 and counting. Thank you sincerely, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


P.S. A personal note, if I may, as I wish to give a loud shout to my dear friend “Steve-O” who has left the building. God bless, we hate to see you go but glad we crossed paths with ya’, and wish you well on your journey. See you down the road.

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