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It is getting to sound like a broken record around here, if you know or remember what a broken record is or was. I mean, last week was bloody cold, as was the week before that, and next week does not look a lot better. I ask you, what is a reasonable, or somewhat reasonable, person to do. I suggest one takes the posture of saying the “heck”, or something reasonably similar, to the cold and the snow and the ice and whatever, and proclaim that whatever you, our friend Mother Nature, throws at us, we will not let it deter us, not let it from prevent us from enjoying life and good food ad wine. I say we all have to live, to enjoy the bounties of the earth, like, say, at Fratello’s, when this very weekend we will be featuring Arctic Char from Iceland (by the way, a great place to visit), Black Grouper from the Gulf of Mexico (where I bet we all would like to be right about now), and City Chicken, which probably takes you back to a time many years ago. We will be here whatever, and
we’d love to se ya’!

Winewise, I have added as I suggested last week a Syrah from California from Hawk’s View to our feature board, which has been very well received. Excellent fruit, decent body, this wine works very well with our menu. I have also added a wine from Portugal, Assobio, which comes from the Douro region of the country, better known perhaps for their Ports, and which is rated 94 by the folks at the Wine Enthusiast. I just enjoyed a bottle of this wine with lunch, and it is a very good food wine and works well with our menu. These wines join the Cab from Joel Gott from California and the Sangiovese blend from Sonoma, Siena, which have been with us a long time because they are that good, as well as the Cabernet/Malbec blend from Michael Pozzan, which is also a California wine. This is a god time to enjoy hearty red wines, as are 11 other months of the year, and we hope you’ll join us. As I have said before, there is a lot of great juice out there, and I am confident that we have a
wine that you will enjoy.

It goes without saying that we are very grateful for your support all these many years, especially when the weather makes it a challenge to head out to see us. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you soon.



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