Weekend Specials


Last year there was the Polar Vortex. This year I’ve heard mention the Siberian Express. Next year, who knows. For me, it is just cold. Actually, as they say in New England (especially this year!), wicked cold. But we have no choice but to deal with it, right? I say – no surprise here – don’t let it get you down, do not let a little cold keep you at home. No, mes amis, throw you nose, or finger, or whatever, up at the weather and head out this weekend for some good food and wine. Like, say, at Fratello’s, when we will be featuring Beef Short Ribs (always good comfort food, and these days we do need some comfort!), Atlantic Halibut and Lemon Sole. I can’t promise it will make the temps that much better, but it ought to make them more bearable. Let’s hope so anyway.

It looks like our wine feature board is up for some changes, and it has something to do with Locations “E” again, the Spanish red blend we like and have featured for some time now. It appears the people behind E have decided to switch their distributors, so there might be some disruption in terms of supply. Never fear, however, as there is always a lot of good juice out there, and I am on it. I plan to bring out a Syrah from California to the board, and as you might recall I am a big fan of this grape, and in the very near future I plan to broaden the offerings with wines from Chile, a red blend in fact, and another red blend from Portugal. Most of us associate Portugal mostly with the wonderful Port that comes from there, which by the way we have several examples of, but they also make excellent red wine as well. In fact, we have an excellent Portugal red on our wine list, but this wine I am referring to is more value orientated and a perfect candidate for our feature board.
Stay tuned next week, as I have my fingers crossed for delivery.

We hope you have managed to stay warm and healthy and safe, and we look forward to seeing you soon. Thanks for all your support, and take care.



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