Weekend Specials


It is funny how it works sometimes, non? Last week at this time (roughly), the sun was out, all pretty and everything, cold but nice out. Today, not so much. Don’t you just love it when it is sleeting out (I’m kidding). And rumor has it that it might just get on the chilly side again. Brrrrr! But no need for despair, say nyet to those winter blues and come join us at Fratello’s this weekend and pretend it is whatever season you want it to be as you enjoy some good food and wine. Speaking of, we will be featuring Haddock, Mahi-mahi, and the most excellent Rib Eye Cap Steak, aka Spinelis, which if you have never enjoyed I urge you to consider trying – amazing. Of course, Veal Saltimboca, Shrimp Fratello, Chicken Rollo, all the Frats & Parms, Pasta & Calamari, Clams & Mussels…..etc…..will also be available. Bundle up and join us, we’d love to see ya’!

On the wine front, I want to remind you of the wines I mentioned last week, namely the Sangiovese blend from Italy, La Massa, the red blend of Bordeaux grapes from California, Three Saints 67 Proprietary Blend, and the new Saint-Emilion that does come from Bordeaux, which is a blend featuring the Merlot grape. I have also added a new Pinot Noir from the Russian River area of California from Michael Pozzan to our feature board. This area produces some of the premier Pinot from California if not the world, and this wine gives one a good idea of what the Russian River is all about at a very affordable cost. The bad news is that the supply is very limited. Never fear, however, as I have other wines waiting in the wings to join the board. Lastly, I have a new wine from Washington that is among the best wines I have tasted recently. It is a Syrah from Revelry, a relatively new winery from the Walla Walla region of eastern Washington state, where the premier red wines from that
state are grown. This wine is not inexpensive, it is an “*” wine, but simply amazing, offering body, fruit and great structure in a full bodied wine. Washington is making waves with the quality of their Syrah from this region, and this is a wonderful wine. Just a thought.

We are very grateful for all the support you have shown us, regardless of what Mother Nature has to offer. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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