Weekend Specials


We hope you all enjoyed a most enjoyable, delicious and Happy Thanksgiving, and a safe one for those of you who had to journey home last night after the feast. I suspect your tummies and refrigerators are full, you might be somewhat exhausted from the festivities of yesterday, and might be wondering what are you going to do today. Well, I say, it is time for Italian! (Some surprise!) As in food, and no, I am not talking about tetrazzini, as good as that can be. No, mes amis, I refer to such luscious offerings as Certified Angus Beef Flank Steak, Wild Stripped Bass and fresh Halibut from the Atlantic, all of which will be featured this very evening at Fratello’s. And items such as Parmigiana of the Veal, Chicken and Eggplant variety, Fratello such as the Veal and Shrimp and Chicken and Artichoke variety, Saltimbocca as with Veal, Rollotini as with Chicken or Eggplant, Calamari, Clams & Mussels, Pasta……If it fits in your schedule, we’d love to see ya’! Give your kitchen a
break, use ours.

As for wine, we continue to offer the Cabernet/Syrah blend from California, Reckless Love, on our feature board, where it joins such tenured members of the feature board club as the Cabernet from Joel Gott, the Spanish red blend made by a guy from California, “E”, and the very tasty after all these months Sangiovese blend from Ferrari-Carano, Siena. We have offered these wines for some time now by the bottle or by the glass, but I keep them because they are that good and continue to be very well received. But I do have other wines waiting in the wings, including some Pinot Noir from California, a Garnacha from Spain, and a wine from Argentina. Last week I mentioned the red blend from California, Machete, which is also made by the guy behind “E”, Dave Phinney. This wine earned a 93 and top 100 rating by the Wine Spectator in their most recent edition, and I am told that the supply is now sold out. Our supply is okay for now, but I urge you to consider this wine. Not
inexpensive, but a very good wine, as are all the wines that Mr. Phinney makes. Just a thought.

As always I want to thank you for your continued support. Remember to consider joining us this New Year’s Eve for our 5:30, 7:30 or 9:30 seatings. Call, do not email, for a reservation.

Lastly, in the spirit of the times, I want to say how thankful we at Fratello’s are for many, many things. We are very thankful for your support which has maintained us for 22 years this coming December, and we are thankful for the health which has enabled us to shoulder on all these 22 years. And I personally am very thankful for the staff that we have to make all this happen, many of whom have been with us many, many years. Some since the beginning! And we are very thankful for the relationships we have been able to develop with many of you, who have become friends as well as clients. Thank you all.

We hope you are warm and well, and look forward to seeing you soon.


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