Weekend Specials


VealQuite a week we have had, non? And it looks like we may not be totally out of the woods yet, although Sunday does look promising temperature wise. But we all know the routine, and are aware that it could have been worse, like Buffalo (with all fondness and due respect to my friends from Buffalo), and “Polar Vortex” it was not, although it kind of felt like it. But carry on we must, as we are this weekend with some very good features. I will share with you that we are told that the weather back east has impacted the fresh fish offerings this weekend, but we still managed to get some #1 Grade Yellow Fin Tuna and Arctic Char for you to enjoy, as well as Certified Angus Beef New York Strip Steak. It looks like a warming trend is on its way, so maybe you can head out and join us, we’d love to see you!

On the wine front, the excellent Pinot Noir from Oregon from Hawks View has taken a hiatus from our feature board, although do not be surprised if it returns again. But as I have said before – many times – there is a lot of excellent juice out there, and I have other wines for you to enjoy. I am adding today an interesting red blend from California, Reckless Love, that combines in equal proportions Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa with Syrah from Paso Robles. The winemakers take a light hearted approach to their craft, as evidenced by what they share on their bottle, but they have made a well balanced wine with abundant fruit, adequate structure, decent tannins and nice finish. It is a fun wine that works well this time of year. I also want to remind you of the two excellent wines in our program that were very well rated by Wine Spectator recently. The Pinot Gris from Maysara from Oregon is called “lively, expressive and appealing” by the Spectator, which is all true, and you may
recall that I am a big fan of the entire Maysara line up, including two Pinot Noir that we also offer. Machete is a Petit Sirah blend from Orin Swift, and is another in the amazing list of wines from Dave Phinney that we have available. This wine offers fruit, body and structure as does Reckless Love, but with more depth. It is an allocated wine and will not be available very long, although I have managed to get a good supply for now, so I urge you to try it. Not inexpensive, but very good.

As always I want to thank you for your continued support. Remember to consider joining us this New Year’s Eve for our 5:30, 7:30 or 9:30 seatings. Call (440) 871-3054, do not email, for a reservation. We hope you are warm and well, and look forward to seeing you soon.



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