Weekend Specials


Well, it had to happen sometime. The white stuff fell from the sky today, and it looks like more may be on its way. Not shovel grade, thankfully, at least on our part of town, but come it will. But no need for despair, you can still join us at Fratello’s, enjoy a fine meal and wine in our dining room and pretend it is whatever season you want it to be. (Remember I said pretend, because once one heads outside reality hits again!) We will be featuring this weekend Golden Corvina Fish from Costa Rica, Sturgeon Fish and Buffalo, as in Bison, Short Ribs. I cannot do much with the weather, but we can offer you a decent meal. We’d love to see you!

On the wine front, I was pleased to read in the most recent Wine Spectator magazine that Maysara Winery from Oregon was awarded a best buy for their Pinot Gris. You might recall that I have lauding the wines of Maysara recently in these pages, not only their Pinot Gris but also their Pinot Noir, all of which we have available on our wine list. Actually we have two Pinot Noir from Maysara available, although the Pinot Noir Cyrus is not yet on our list. Another wine that Wine Spectator liked, and also available but not yet on our list, is a Petit Sirah blend from Orin Swift from California, Machete. The winemaker at Orin Swift is Dave Phinney, whose wines include Abstract, Palermo, Papillon and Locations E, and who was responsible for Prisoner and Saldo, all of which we have on our list. All of his wines display ample fruit yet are well balanced and work well with our menu. Machete is a blend of Petit Sirah, Syrah and Grenache, and is a medium bodied wine with sufficient
structure to be interesting. Spectator recommends these wines, and I agree. Give them a try. Plus Machete continues Dave Phinney’s inclination toward very interesting wine labels on his wines, and I dare say may be his most audacious labels to date. All on a good wine. Interesting.

Thank you for your continued support. Remember to consider joining us this New Year’s Eve for our 5:30, 7:30 or 9:30 seatings. Call, do not email, for a reservation. We hope you are warm and well, ad look forward to seeing you soon.



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