Weekend Specials


Kind of hard to believe that tomorrow is August 1st, non? It seems like the summer has flown by, although for me it seems that way for every season now. Well, maybe not the winter, but you know what I mean. But take heart, there is still plenty of summer left, and still plenty of time for you to enjoy some good food and wine at a nice, little Italian restaurant. Like, say, Fratello’s, when this weekend we will be featuring Pilot Lamb Chops, Swordfish, and Jumbo Sea Scallops. It has not been that hot a summer this year – thankfully for our kitchen crew – but it is perfect weather to venture out and perhaps join us. We’d love to see ya’!

I have had the opportunity to taste some amazing wines from Sonoma, California, recently, and I am very impressed with both the quality and value that Sonoma can offer. I have been very impressed with the wines of Ferrari-Carano, perhaps best know for their Fume Blanca but also their Chardonnay and Cabernet, both of which we have on our list. Sienna is a Hangovers base wine that we plan to feature this weekend. A blend of Hangovers, Mailbag, Pet it Si rah and Cabernet Avignon, this medium to full bodied wine will be excellent with our menu, and we will be offering it at a price far less that what I have seen it offered on other lists. The 2008 Prevail is one of the upper tiers of Ferrari-Carano wines, and shows the quality of Sonoma wines. Prevail is a full bodied blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, and it will be offered at a price less than it used to be offered retail. Lastly, I have been very impressed with the wines of White Oak Winery and Vineyards from Alexander
Valley. We currently have some 2010 Chardonnay and a Syrah, but more will be added in the future. Their wines offer quality and value, and I will share more with you about them in upcoming emails.

I hope you have enjoyed a happy and safe summer so far. I know many of you are busy with vacation plans, getting ready for school already, or perhaps simply enjoying the outdoors. We hope you have time to join us as we’d love to see you. Thanks for all your support.



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