Weekend Specials


It sure was a nice break from the heat, non? Close to perfect sleeping weather, nice breezes, a little rain for all the plants and grass, all good. Excellent temps to go out to a nice dinner, like, say, Fratello’s. We will be featuring this weekend Certified Angus Beef Delmonico Steak, Albacore Tuna from Hawaii, and Mong Chong Fish, which is not only fun to say but is an excellent fish also from the waters of Hawaii. Rumor has it that it might be getting on the warm side again soon, so we hope you take the opportunity to visit with us this weekend. We’d love to see ya’!

I have added a new red wine to our feature board, a very good Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina, Juana de Sol. Malbec comes from southwestern France, primarily Bordeaux and regions further south near Spain, but it really comes into its own by itself in South America, especially in Argentina. Medium to fuller bodied with a deep color, Malbec is excellent with meat dishes and pasta dishes, especially pasta with Marinara or Bolognese, which we just happen to have. We have several other Malbecs on our wine list, and I urge you to try one. It is an excellent wine, and available at a variety of price points.

We are grateful for your support and patronage all these many years that we have been in Avon Lake. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


PS: Just a rumor, but word is that Tony Rizzo might be featuring an Italian restaurant from Avon Lake this Sunday on his TV show at 11. Just saying.


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