Weekend Specials


It sure is nice out there. I know, we had a little rain this week, OK, A LOT of rain, at least in some areas, but today anyway, it is a picture perfect summer day. Good for us, we deserve it, non? And I know this means that there are a lot of things to keep you busy or occupied, cool things like golf or boating or swimming or biking or walking or whatever, and maybe less cool things like cleaning the garage, etc..But we hope you can squeeze some time in to join us this weekend. We will be featuring Hog Snapper, Blue Marlin and Prestige (not just ordinary) Pork Chops. Hey, the days are as long as they are ever going to be now, and we all have to eat sometime, so we hope you’ll have time to join us.

I have added to our feature board a Nebbiolo from Rivetto, who also make an excellent Barolo that we have on our wine list. Last week I mentioned the wonders of the Grenache grape that is part of the Chateauneuf du Pape wines that are on our list, as well as in many other wines from California, Australia, France and especially Spain, which is always a good value area for wine. Nebbiolo is perhaps the second most noted and important grape from Italy, and hails primarily but not exclusively from the Piedmont area in the northwest part of the country. Often referred to as the King of Italian wines, Barolo is 10% Nebbiolo, as is Barbaresco, another wonderful wine that appears on our wine list. Nebbiolo is medium to full bodied, offers excellent fruit, bright acidity and fairly strong tannins. It is an excellent wine, and this feature from Rivetto gives one the opportunity to taste and enjoy the grape at a very inexpensive price point. As I have said many times, it is good to move
beyond one’s comfort zone sometimes and try different wines. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Whatever you do this weekend, we hope you are safe and smiling. Thank you for your continued support and friendship, it is truly appreciated.



PPS: Hooray for Team USA! Onward and upward towards the World Cup! (How’s that for optimism!)

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