Weekend Specials


Ah, I bet some of you thought something happened to me, or perhaps I left town for warmer climes. No, dear friends and loyal readers, these pesky April showers interfered with some wine deliveries which I wanted to tell you about. Speaking of April showers, at least it’s not snow – thankfully, although we probably should not put the shovels away just yet – and think of all the beautiful, warm weather yet to come. How’s that for optimism. Speaking of, I am optimistic that you just might want to join us for delicious food and drink this weekend. We will be featuring Pork Tenderloin, Black Cod from British Columbia and Black Grouper from the Gulf of Mexico. And if you really want to stay with the theme you could also enjoy the wonderful Black Grouse from Scotland to quench your thirst, but I digress.

As I mentioned above, some new wines have arrived for your enjoyment. We are on our last bottle of the red blend from Bolgheri, Italy, Pegasus, which is a fantastic area of Tuscany for red wine, but I have another Bolgheri wine waiting in the wings ready to come on stage. This wine is a blend of Cabernet, Syrah and Merlot, Poggio Ai Ginepri. We continue also to feature the Zinfandel from Highway 101 from Amador County, California, one of my favorite zin regions of the state. Among the other new wines are a very good Malbec from Mendoza by Altos Las Hormigas, a smaller produced that I was most impressed with. This wine is a 2009 Malbec Reserve and is a good value. I have also added a new Soave from Italy and a Pinot Gris from New Zealand, both excellent white wines that work well with seafood, chicken or on their own. I urge you to try the Soave, which I think many of us has a somewhat negative impression of. This wine offers excellent fruit and balance, crispness and even
elegant, and will change your view of Soave. The Pinot Gris from Astrolabe is also crisp and balanced, with citrus fruit and minerality similar to Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, such as the offering from Whitehaven we also feature. A very good Pinot Gris, yet different from Pinot Gris from Oregon or France and Pinot Grigio from Italy. Give it a try.

Thanks for all your support, rain or shine. Here’s hoping you grab your umbrella and join us, we’d love to see ya’!



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