Weekend Specials


Happy Spring! It has arrived, believe it or not, not that the weather gives us any clues. But keep faith, the days are longer, we do get to see the sun once and awhile (actually, more this winter than most, non?), and warm temps, flip flops and shorts are on the horizon. But what should one do until then, you might ask, and I for my part would answer to cozy up to a nice Italian restaurant for some good food and wine to keep one’s spirits up. Like, say, Fratello’s, when this very weekend we plan to feature Hawaiian Mako Shark, North Atlantic Haddock, and Rib Eye Cap Steak, aka Spinalis, which if you have not ever tasted is amazing. It might not instantly bring the temps up to where they should be, but it should be tasty and delicious.

I have just returned from an excellent wine tasting featuring wines from the southern Rhone valley of France, more specifically Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and it got me to thinking how very good wines made from the Grenache grape, which is the main grape in Chateauneuf, work with our menu. We have a Chateauneuf on our menu (and more will be coming since this tasting), along with other Grenache based wines from France, Lirac, Gigondas, Cotes du Rhone and Vacqueyras. And we have Grenache wines from Italy, Cannonau, Australia, Penfolds, and Spain, Atteca, and they are offered at many price points, many very reasonable. Grenache is a very food friendly wine, and I urge you to try one of these wines with your dinner. Remember, it is good to leave one’s comfort zone and strike out in a new direction sometimes. Just a thought.

I hope you are staying warm this early spring, and that you endured this winter that would not quit. Thanks for your continued support, it is very much appreciated. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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