Weekend Specials


Hot enough for you? You know it’s hot when your good friends from
Alabama tell you it is hotter up here on the North Coast than down in
Birmingham, by a long shot. But they say it will be better this
weekend, temperature wise, and maybe even some rain will come our way
(wanna bet?), so we are optimistic. Just as we are optimistic that you
will be so taken with our specials this weekend that you will join us
for some excellent food and wine. We will be offering Wild Alaskan King
Salmon, which is not only very healthy but perhaps the best salmon out
there, along with Pacific Halibut. And for you non-fish fans we will be
featuring Pork Tenderloin, and some veal and chicken and….I know it’s
been hot and there is a lot to do, but we hope you’ll consider moseying
over and joining us this weekend.

On the wine board we continue to feature the excellent Cabernet from
Joel Gott, and the Tempranillo from Spain and the Vino Nobile from
Italy have also been well received. I also am very fond of the Merlot
from White Oaks, and off list I have a very good Cabernet from
Argentina by Cuvelier Los Andes. The recent Wine Spectator featured
wines from Portugal, and I have added a 92 rated red from Douro called
Po de Poeira, which is a full bodied featuring red from grapes
indigenous to Portugal. It is fum to get out of your comfort zone and
try new wines, and we have wines from all over the world for you to
enjoy. Come in and have a glass with us.

My comments above notwithstanding, I love this time of year and we hope
you are enjoying your summer. We also hope you consider joining us, and
we thank you for your continued support through hot and cold, rain or
shine. We look forward to seeing you soon.