Weekend Specials


Nice day out, non? A bit cool perhaps, especially after the recent temps we’ve had, but it is fall after all. For me this time of year is nearly perfect – no need for A/C, no need for heat, just about perfect sleeping weather, the only thing missing is longer days, but those times are gone for now. But you know what these days and nights are also perfect for……drum roll please……here it comes…….why, heading out for some fine food & wine! (Of course! But you probably knew this was coming.) For our part we will be featuring this very weekend Pork Tenderloin, Turbot Fish from the North Atlantic, and Swordfish. Oh, and we have some wine for you to enjoy as well. Give it a thought, consider joining us, we’d love to see ya’!

Our wine board continues to feature the Napa Cabernet from Joel Gott and the Sangiovese blend from Sonoma from Ferrari-Carano, both of which have been with us for some time and continue to be featured because they continue to be very good. They join the Toro from Spain, which is in short supply as I write this, and the Pinot Noir, Cowpoke, which hails from the Monterey region of California. I bought all of the Cowpoke that the distributor had left, largely due to the response from the public. Our supply is solid now, no need to worry. I plan to add another Cabernet blend from California to the party soon, which was supposed to go to another contender but I was disappointed in how this wine tasted so we will go elsewhere. Remember, I have to like the wines that we feature or they do not get a slot. Come join us for a glass, or a bottle – I bet we have a wine that you will enjoy.

As always thank you for your continued support and friendship, and your patience in reading this email every week. We hope you are well, and we look forward to seeing you soon.