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Sure feels good out, non? I love these cooler nights, the crisp air, the cooler kitchen. I know it’s sad and all with everyone back in school by now, we are knocking on the door of Labor Day and what that kind of means, football season is upon us and what that definitely means. But despair not, the Boys of Summer downtown (i.e. the Indians, but you knew that!) are doing great, it is still nice out and there is plenty of time for fun and relaxation, and good food. And this is where we come in, as we have not only good food but good wine for you to enjoy. For our part, this weekend we will be featuring Certified Angus Beef Flat Iron Steak, Atlantic Halibut, and domestic Swordfish. I know this can be a busy weekend, but we hope you have time to join us. We’d love to see ya’!

There has been a few moves in the local wine world, as this is the time that many of the distributors have their portfolio shows, and some of these wines will appear in the near future in our feature program. Our wine board continues to feature the California Zinfandel blend from Contra Costa County across the Bay from San Francisco, and the Pinot Nor from Oregon, which is blended from grapes from the Willamette Valley and elsewhere throughout the state. As befits their name, Planet Oregon is very environmentally conscious in the way they produce and make their wine. This Pinot is more of an introduction to Oregon Pinto, very smooth, light to medium body, excellent fruit. Perhaps a tad lighter than other Oregon Pinots you may have tried, but still tasty. The recent additions to our wine list include wines from Italy including a Cabernet Franc, a Merlot, a Sauvignon Blanc, and two Sangiovese blends from Tolaini that I am very fond of, Al Passo and Valdisanti. We also have a new Trebbiano from Abruzzo available, although it may not make it to the list by this weekend. This white wine is among the most planted grapes in all of Italy, offering citrus and pineapple flavors but should not be compared to wines from New Zealand. It is inexpensive and a good option to consider versus Chardonnay. Just a thought.

I am sure by now that you have heard of the terrible destruction and devastation that occurred in Italy with the recent earthquake. Amatrice is a very old town to the northeast of Rome, its history dating back hundreds of years, and the town was known not only for their medieval structures, many of which are now destroyed, but a traditional pasta dish called Spaghetti all’Amatriciana. We have decided to join chefs from around the world who are featuring this dish in their menus with proceeds going to support the restoration and humanitarian efforts in Italy. The dish includes pasta with pecorino cheese, tomatoes, onions and guanciale or pancetta, simple but delicious. Our version will be called Penne all’Amatriciana, with penne as the pasta and we will have proscuitto instead of pancetta, and will be available as a special side pasta dish or as an entree with proceeds going to the relief effort. So you can join us this weekend for a delicious meal and help people at the same time.

Events such as what happened in Amatrice, as well as in our country in Baton Rouge and in California with the fires, serves as a reminder of how grateful we are for many, many things. And chief among them is our gratitude for your friendship and patronage. Thank you sincerely, We hope you are well and wish you a wonderful and safe holiday. Hope we see ya’!


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