Weekend Specials


I knew it was too good to last. I love those cooler nights and days, the kind where air conditioning is not really needed. Today, not so much, it’s the kind of day where I am very glad I have AC. And it looks like more of the same is headed our way, with some rain (hopefully). But we try to keep it cool here at Fratello’s, at least in the dining room, so don’t heat up your kitchens, come join us! We will be featuring this weekend Certified Angus Beef Porterhouse Steak, Alaskan King Salmon, and Mako Shark from Hawaii. We will be here, and would love to see ya’!

On our wine board I have formally added the Pinot Noir from Oregon I mentioned last week, Persnickety. The wine gets its name because the Pinot Noir grape can be picky and fussy, unpredictable and difficult to grow and to vinify, and their goal is to make a “really good” bottle of wine that doesn’t cost $50 or more. I think they have succeeded. This Oregon Pinot is aged in French oak and is bold and rich, with ripe raspberries and decent tannins on the palate. It is very inexpensive for a Pinot, especially from Oregon, of this quality. I have also brought back the red blend from Portugal, Confidencial Reserve, to our list. This wine is medium to full bodied, very well balanced with smooth tannins and decent acidity. A blend of 10 different national (i.e. Portugese) and international varietals, this wine works very well with our menu. While on the topic, I urge you to consider wines from Portugal when selecting a wine to enjoy with your dinner, wherever that might be
(hopefully here, just saying). I think wines from the Iberian peninsula, meaning Portugal and Spain, offer among the best value in today’s wine world, and they work very well with our menu. We have wines from both countries on our list, so give them a try.

I hope you are staying cool and are well, and are enjoying the last days of spring. Thanks for all your support, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


P.S. GO CAVS!!!!

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