Weekend Specials


Remember last week when I suggested that April was starting out kind of “lamby”? I guess we can forget about that. I mean, I get it – the days are getting longer, we are in spring now (well, technically), but it sure seems a bit nippy out there. But there is a silver lining. The weather and temps out there are perfect for some fine Italian food & wine, which we plan to be serving this weekend (and tonight, and next week, and…). Our features include Pork Tenderloin, Red Grouper and Black Bass, both of which were caught off the coast of our southern states. Come join us, we’d love to see ya’!

On our wine board we continue to feature the Cab from Joel Gott, the Sangiovese blend from Ferrari-Carano from Sonoma, a Barbera from Italy, the Riddler red blend from Napa and the Rioja from Palacio del Burgo from Spain. I enjoyed this Rioja with some pasta this week and it is a different style of Tempranillo and Rioja from what you might be used to. Rioja is traditionally a more robust red wine, as are the Rioja wines we have on our wine list, but this wine is from a new generation of producers who favor a fresher and younger style, a lighter and perhaps brighter style. This seems to be somewhat of a trend today, and the Riddler which we also feature is another example of this style of winemaking. These are very friendly wines, drinkable with food or by themselves. In the wings awaiting a space on our feature wine board is a Rhone red blend from Napa with the name of Juicy Rebound, which tells you what type of wine it is. I also went to a very good tasting recently where I
enjoyed some excellent wines from Portugal, Sonoma, Napa, Washington and South Africa, and stay tuned because some of these wines will show up in our wine program soon. Remember, there is a lot of great juice out there for you to enjoy.

Thanks for you continued support, rain or shine, snow in April, whatever, it is very much appreciated. We hope you are well, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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