Weekend Specials


It sure was nice to see the sun today, non? And it looks like the news, at least weather wise, is looking up for the next few days. Sunny and warmer, a nice primer for what is coming our way in just a few short months (hopefully). Nothing to hold you back from venturing out for some good food & wine. Like, for instance, at Fratello’s, when this very weekend we will be featuring Prestige Pork Chops, Monk Fish and Chilean Sea Bass. The weather shouldn’t hold you back, and we’d love to see ya’!

A few changes are afoot on our wine board. I still have the Cabernet from Joel Gott and the Sangiovese blend from Ferrari-Carano, which have been staples for us for many months now, and joining them is the red blend Conundrum, a Cab from the Lake District north of Napa by Shannon Ridge, and a new wine from Spain, Tamaral. The blend in Conundrum is not indicated by the winemaker, but to me it has to include Petit Sirah and Zinfandel, along with some other varietals, and is not that much different from the other red blend we featured recently, The Riddler. I do think that Conundrum has a bit more depth than The Riddler has however. The Cab from Shannon Ridge offers a different take on Cabernet than the Joel Gott offers, perhaps more in the style of a Bordeaux wine from France with the fruit a bit more muted. Tamaral is a Ribera del Duero from Spain, the grape is Tempranillo, and this wine like many others from Spain work very well with our menu. I have mentioned before how well
Spanish wines work with our menu and that they typically offer a good value, and this wine is indicative of this. Lastly, we have more of the Brunello from Molino del Piano that I mentioned last week. This wine is rated 91 by the respected wine critic Robert Parker, and offers a pleasant nose, decent body and structure and ends with a nice finish. Not only an excellent wine with dinner, as I enjoyed this evening, but a value as well, especially for a Brunello, which all tend to have higher price points. My usual take is a Brunello at this price should be avoided, but not this one. Last week I had 6 bottles for the weekend, and we did not make it through Saturday. So we have more now. Give it a try.

Whatever you do this weekend I hope you enjoy yourselves and are safe, smiling and happy (and hopefully spend some time with us). Thank you for all your support, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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