Weekend Specials


I know it is February and all, but those 50+ degree temps we had recently were pretty nice, non? One could get used to that, as I did, but unfortunately reality often finds a way to set in, as the recent chill seems to have done. But no need to despair, because one can still enjoy quality food & wine (thank God!!). For our contribution to this enjoyment, we will be featuring this weekend Certified Angus Beef Texas Sirloin, Flounder and Red Drum, the latter two being fresh fish from the Mid-Atlantic off the coast of the Carolinas. We hope you consider joining us this weekend for a nice dinner, or perhaps a nice beverage, or both – we’d love to see you!!

Our wine board continues to feature the Cab from Joel Gott, the Sangiovese blend from Ferrari-Carano, Sienna, and the Washington Cab blend Revelry and the Red Blend from California, The Riddler. The latter is a dry wine but with abundant fruit, so it is not as dry as many other wines out there, and the response so far has been very positive. Good with food or not, give it a try. If the fruit is too much for you, I would go with The Revelry, which is another red blend but with more subdued fruit. This is what I love about wine, among other things, is that there is a wine out there for everyone. Join us and I am confident we can match you up with a winner.

Rain, snow, cold or hot we are humbled by your support. Thank you sincerely, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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