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It’s funny (maybe not the best word), a few weeks back we were basking in the warmth of 40 and even 50+ temps in December, yet today and recently we have had to deal with a bit of a freeze, to say the least. Sure it could be worse, and there is a rumor of a heat wave soon above the freezing mark, but I was getting used to those 40+ degree days. Alas, such is life, and no mater the outside temps we at Fratello’s try to persevere and offer you excellent food & wine. Like this weekend, for instance, when we will be featuring Pork Osso Bucco (which we have served in the past and is amazing), Halibut from Norway and Wild Hokkaido Scallops. These scallops come from the northernmost and largest island in Japan, and are typically large and noted for their tenderness and sweet, creamy taste. We hope you have a chance to join us.

On our wine board I continue to feature the Cabernet blend from the Washington vineyard Revelry, The Reveler. Offering body, structure and fruit, yet more restrained than a Napa style Cab, this wine is very good with our menu or by itself. I am also adding a wine from Spain that is one of my favorite wines, Termes from Numanthia. Numanthia is a very respected vineyard from the Duero valley in northwest Spain, and this wine is their first level offering. It is a Tinto de Toro, the local name for Tempranillo, which along with Garnacha are the major red grapes of Spain. Termes has subtle tannins, body and richness with a long finish. I only have a few bottles, yet I suspect more will be in the pipeline soon. Give it a try, an amazing wine.

A little reflection, if I may. Recently we all learned of the passing of David Bowie and now Glenn Frey, two music legends that many if not most of us grew up with. And sadly some of you may have felt the loss of a loved one or friend recently, as I did with the passing of my rascal friend Michael. When events such as these occur one often takes stock of one’s life and what is truly important and what truly has the most meaning. We at Fratello’s are indeed grateful that we have been here in Avon Lake for more than 23 years attempting to offer you quality food & wine. We are also grateful for your continued support and friendship, and for my part I am grateful for my long time staff who have helped us craft and execute our vision for you. Thank you sincerely, and we hope to see you soon.


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