Weekend Specials


Boy, is it nice out! The kind of day you wish you could bottle for the future. Clear, crisp, low humidity, perfecto! I mean, it is the kind of day just screaming to go out and enjoy yourselves, like with a nice dinner and glass of wine, perhaps. And, even better, it looks like we are on a good path for the entire weekend, so there is lots of time for you to possibly enjoy dinner with us. Speaking of, we are featuring this weekend Atlantic Halibut, Swordfish and Strip Steaks. We hope you consider joining us, we’d love to se ya’!

A few wine notes to share with you. As I mentioned last week, I have a new Rosso di Montalcino which I have added to our feature board available by the bottle or by the glass. Rosso hails from the same area of Tuscany, Italy, where the much lauded (rightly so) Brunello di Montalcino comes from, just southwest of Florence. It is essentially a baby Brunello, 100% Sangiovese grape, and offers fresh fruit and good structure in a medium bodied wine. It is very good with our menu, especially our Marinara sauce, but also works well on its own. Of course, should you want to wade in Brunello waters, we can help you there also, as we offer several Brunellos on our wine list. I have also added a few bottles of a Cote du Rhone from Olivier Hillaire from the new 2013 vintage. Cotes du Rhone comes from the southern Rhone valley of France, and like its bigger brother, Chateauneuf du Pape (which we also have on our wine list) is a red blend yet is mostly Grenache with Syrah blended in as
well. I tasted this wine at a wine show last spring , and I was impressed with its quality. Cotes du Rhone wines, as do other Grenache wines such as Atteca from Spain and Shatter from France, work well with our menu and are very good food wines. But unlike Chateauneufs which are pricey, Cotes du Rhone is a very good value. Lastly, we also have a few bottles of a Pinot Noir from California for you to enjoy. Kali Hart Pinot Noir from Talbott comes from Monterey, and offers much more fruit than is typical of other Pinots from the west coast, especially the Oregon Pinots. Easy drinking, forward fruit in a medium body, Kali Hart is a tasty wine. Something to think about.

We hope you are well and have enjoyed your summer. Not that this is past tense, however, and as I said there is still plenty of time to have fun and enjoy yourselves. We look forward to seeing you soon, thank you for your support, and wish you well.


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