Weekend Specials


Unfortunately, or maybe not depending on the individual, I was correct last week re: the coming heat and humidity. Definitely hot & humid recently, yep. Rather toasty in the kitchen. Moving on, it is hard to believe that this is my last email to you this July, with August coming up rather soon. It really is true what they say about time moving and getting more mature (i.e. older). But I prefer to be a half full kind of guy (it helps in my line of work), and I say there is plenty of summer left. Enough in fact to have plenty of fun in the sunshine and still have time for some good food & wine. Like, just saying, at Fratello’s this weekend, when we will be featuring as dinner specials Black Grouper, Wild King Salmon and Smoked Bone-In Pork Rack. I know it’s nice out and all, but heck, one has to eat, non? We’d love to see ya’!

I have added some new wines to our wine list that you will enjoy. Theses wines are not inexpensive, and several qualify for our * program wherein one gets a Gift Certificate when buying one of these bottles of wine. I have added a Brunello di Montalcino from Voliero, 2010, rated 95 points by the Wine Advocate, and a Brunello di Montalcino from Podere Scopetone, 2010, rated 94+ points. Both of these wines are very elegant expressions of Brunello and Sangiovese from this region, one of the more amazing wines from Italy. The Grand Malbec from Cuvelier from Argentina returns to our list, made by the Cuvelier family from France who have owned and operated vineyards in France since 1903. Made under the same standards they use in Bordeaux, this is a big Malbec from Mendoza, and also is an * wine. Slightly less expensive is Rapace from Uccelliera from Tuscany, which is a Super-Tuscan made with Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Uccelliera is a highly respected vineyard always
highly rated by the wine press. Lastly, we have a few bottles of another Tuscan red blend, Caburnio, which is a blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Alicante. This wine however is less costly, and it is available for $28/bottle. Italy makes some amazing wines, and we have many on our list. I urge you to try them.

Heat or cold, humid or not, we appreciate greatly your continued support and friendship. We hope you are well and enjoying the summer, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


P.S. A personal shout to our friend Sue, who is on the road to recovery. We are happy for you and look forward to seeing you soon. A votre sante!!!


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