Weekend Specials


I just checked the weather for the weekend and guess what, it looks like rain. It’s beginning to look like a broken record around here, if you remember what a record is and know what I mean. But we try not to be a broken record, and try to bring you different and interesting specials, food & wine, to tempt your palate into joining us, like this weekend. Speaking of, we will be featuring Lemon Sole, Swordfish and Prestige Pork Chops, and all the assorted and tasty Fratello stand- bys will be here for you as well. We hope you have a chance to visit with us, we’d love to see ya’!

As for wine, I have a few new wines joining our program this weekend. You might recall I have been touting Rose wines as being especially good in the summer, and I am adding a new Rose from Provence, France, which is well known for their Rose wines. This wine from Bieler, Pere & Fils adds Cabernet Sauvignon and Rolle, a more obscure white grape from the south of France, to blend with the more traditional Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault. A bit different than the other Roses on our list, it is the favorite of one of my Rose loving friends, and I like it too! We have also received the 2012 vintage of an excellent Syrah from Napa by Lagier Meredith. I am also a big fan of Syrah, and this is among the finest in our program, plus in 2012 California seems to be hitting all cylinders wine wise. Not inexpensive, but often one gets what one pays for, as in this case. Lastly, I have a few bottles of the 2013 Juvenile Zinfandel from Helen Turley, among the premier Zinfandel producers
anywhere. I only have a few bottle so they will not make it to our wine list, but it does give one a chance to experience what a Turley Zinfandel is all about at a good value, which typically are both very limited and expensive for a Zin. Just a thought.

We continue to be amazed and humbled by your continued sport, it is very much appreciated. We hope you are well, and look forward to seeing you soon.


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