Weekend Specials


Great news! It looks like I can put my plans for an Ark away, at least for awhile. No offense to June (well, maybe), but July is looking pretty good so far, at least weather wise. I know this is a big weekend, actually deservedly so, but given that a cook-out might be in your plans sometime this weekend (well, it is for me), how about joining us tomorrow for some good food & wine? We will be featuring the amazing Rib Eye Cap Steak, aka Spinelis, Halibut and Blue Nose Bass. Please note that I said tomorrow and not this weekend, as we will not be here on Saturday. Remember what I said about those cook-outs?

But we will be here on Friday, and we do have some wine that I think you will enjoy. I told you last week about the red blend from Washington, TATT, that was getting limited, as well as the Nebbiolo from Rivetti from Italy, also limited. In the wings a Malbec from Argentina awaits its turn, which I tasted recently, and I am adding several new wines to our wine list this weekend. These include a Cabernet Sauvignon from Stags Leap from Napa and two interesting wines from Lodi, California, a Tannat and Petite Verdot. These grapes are traditionally more used world wide in blending with other varietals, but the winemakers at Inkblot make these wines by themselves. Both are bigger bodied wines, meaning they would be excellent with the Spinelis this Friday, and very interesting. As I have said before, with wine I think it is well to enlarge one’s tent, so to speak, and be open to different types of wines. Well, these wines do qualify. As do, incidentally, the Rose wines from France
I mentioned last week. Give it up, give pink wines a try!

Thank you for your continued support and friendship, it is very much appreciated. We hope you have a very safe and happy 4th of July, and we look forward to seeing you soon.



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