Weekend Specials 10-20-17


I have no idea what’s in store for us going forward, but so far I am pretty keen on how the Fall has been progressing. These temps and bright sunshine can stay for awhile, as far as I am concerned. And you know what else I am pretty “keen” on? Well, bien sur, that you might be so tempted by what I am about to write that you will join us this weekend for some fine food & wine. We will be featuring Berkshire Pork Chops from the USA, Red Grouper from Mexico, and Mahi-mahi from off the coast of Nicaragua, so an international cast of meals. Come join us, the weather ought to be okay, we’ll be here waiting for you, all good…we’d love to see ya’!

A few changes are afoot on the wine front. On the wine board I have added another wine from Treasure Hunter called Cosmic Karma, which is a Grenache from Yountville in Napa Valley. This is an excellent wine either by itself or with a meal, and you may recall that I have shared with you how fond I am of Grenache wines. Going forward I have several other wines from Treasure Hunter that I plan to feature for you to enjoy. Treasure Hunter has an interesting concept, in that they approach high end vineyards and purchase already made wine that the vineyard chooses, for whatever reason, not to bottle, and they then bottle it with their own label at a much  reduced price point than the original vineyard charges. They have to abide by restrictions that the vineyards place on them, such as never detailing where the wines come from or its original name. But this means that we can drink very good wine at a fraction of the price that the wine would cost in its original bottling. On our wine list I have also added two new Italian wines, a wine from Puglia that is a blend of Primitivo and Negoramaro, which you can compare to an Italian version of Zinfandel, a Cabernet/Merlot blend from the Friuli region of northern Italy, and a higher end red wine from Washington that is a Cabernet blend, much like a Bordeaux. This wine from Quilceda Creek, CVR, is very allocated and very well respected, an example of high quality wines from eastern Washington. All these wines are available and worth trying, trust me.

We hope you are well and enjoying our good fortune, both outside and hopefully inside as well. Thank you for all your support, we hope to see you soon. Take care.