It looks like our roller-coaster type of winter continues, with temps heading into or near 50 soon to return back to the 30’s or even 20’s in a few days. So it goes, I guess, but there is a bright side. The days are definitely longer, these days in the 50’s give a nice hint of what’s to come, and the Indians return to spring training within weeks, so you know we’re on our way. And if I may, I can suggest another “bright” side – why, these days are still pretty good to enjoy some nice food & wine with family, friends, or even by yourself. As an aside, I am a believer in treating oneself, especially during these days we are living in, but I digress. For our part at Fratello’s, we will be featuring this weekend Certified Angus Beef Top Sirloin, Atlantic Halibut and Monk Fish. Consider joining us, we’d love to see ya’!

On our wine board we continue to feature the Locations E from Spain and the Reserve Shiraz from Greg Norman from Australia. This Shiraz, known as Syrah in most of the world, is a medium to full bodied red with dark fruit, spice and moderate tannins, and it works well with our menu or simply by itself. As you know, and count on me saying this again in the future, I am a fan of Syrah, it is among my favorite varietals, and I urge you to try a Syrah when you visit, either this wine from Greg Norman or one from our list.

In the Wine Spectator this month they feature wines that they consider smart buys, from both a price point and more importantly from a quality point. Among these wines are wines from Maysara Vineyards from Oregon, and we have several of their wines on our list. These include three Pinot Noir, Asha, which displays elegance, Cyrus, showing more power, and Jamsheed, which is slightly less cost than the other two wines but also shows power and elegance, if slightly more restrained. We also have a Pinot Gris from Maysara, which is the best Pinot Gris I have tasted from Oregon. You may be familiar with Pinot Grigio from Italy, which is the same grape, but this wine is a totally different animal. It is fresh, vibrant, with great fruit and an excellent finish, and for me it is what I wish Pinot Grigio tasted like. I have had the opportunity and pleasure to visit the Maysara vineyards, and I am very impressed with their operation, from every stand point. They craft excellent wines, they also happen to be very nice people, and, to me, I was very impressed with their commitment to the soil and land where they grow their wines and to their employees as well. I urge you to try their wines, they are among my most favorite wines from Oregon.

Thank you for your continued support, for your reading of these emails, and for your friendship. Take care, and we hope to see you soon.