Looks like another up and down this week on our annual winter roller-coaster type weather. The snow & ice might leave us again, so they say, but I would not bet on it being gone for the season. But there is something that I would bet on – why, that you can enjoy a nice meal and a tasty bottle of wine this weekend at Fratello’s. I know this surprises you, but I am betting that you will enjoy the Certified Angus Beef Texas Sirloin, Swordfish and Silk Snapper that we will be featuring this weekend. If this does speak to you, we will probably have some Veal & Shrimp & Clams & Mussels & Eggplant & Chicken & Calamari & Pasta &….some thing that I also bet you will enjoy. Come join us, we’d love to see ya’!

On the wine front, I plan to add to our wine board the Reserve Shiraz from Australia by Greg Norman Vineyards. Yes it is that Greg Norman, the golfer, who owns vines in both Australia and California. This wine is a Reserve Shiraz, known as Syrah in the Northern Hemisphere, which ranks among my favorite of all red grapes, and which works very well with our menu. This Shiraz is medium to full bodied, shows moderate spice with a nice finish. It used to retail for much more than we are able to offer it to you, so I suggest you try it by the bottle, or by the glass, while we have it. It might make you a fan of Syrah, as I am.

We hope you are warm & healthy, it seems to be a bad flu season this year. Thanks for all your support, and consider joining us, we’d love for you to keep us company. Take care.