Kinda nuts around here, non? It almost seems like Spring today, complete with showers even, and yet we are told that the hammer, winter wise, will come down starting tomorrow. I guess we should be used to this by now, being long time residents of these parts, but a little consistency would be nice. Kind of like what we try to do – just saying – here at Fratello’s, in that we strive to consistently provide you with tasty dining & drinking options. Like this weekend, for example, when we will be featuring Certified Angus Beef Strip Steaks, the salmon like Arctic Char, and Hokaido Scallops from Japan. Come see us, we’d love to see ya’!

In our wine world I am preparing to add new wines to our feature board, some of which I mentioned to you earlier, including a Cabernet from Washington, a (yes, the golfer) and the return to our board of the highly rated & very affordable red blend from Portugal, Confidencial Reserve. Our supply of Listra, the Cabernet from Tuscany, is dwindling, and once it is gone there will be room for one of these other wines. If you’re interested, ask me and I can bring one out for you. These wines are all very good and work well with our menu.

We always appreciate and are grateful for your support, regardless of what Mother Nature throws at us. We hope you are well, hopefully flu-free, and look forward to seeing you soon, maybe even this weekend.