Cold enough for ya’? Don’t get me wrong, there is a beauty to winter, the white snow, the crisp air, and especially when the sun chooses to appear, as it is today as I write this. But enough with the polar vortex already. Look on the bright side, at least we don’t have a “bombogenesis” to contend with – hooray for small favors! But alas, there is another “bright” side to a winter like we have now – it’s good to congregate with friends & family over a nice meal & some tasty wine. Which – big surprise, I know – is something that we can help you with. This weekend we will be featuring Red Grouper from Costa Rica, Mahi-mahi from beautiful Hawaii, and Certified Angus Beef from the good ol’ USA. Come join us, the heat and ovens will be on, the corkscrew primed, all we need is you, we’d love to see ya’!

I am planning some changes to our wine board soon, including wines from Australia, Portugal and

California, so stay tuned. The Locations “E” is still with us, and probably will be for awhile as the response has been, as it was before, very positive, plus I like it. Medium bodied with ample fruit, this is a crowd pleaser. The Italian Cabernet, Listra, from the Bolgheri region of Tuscany, is also still on our board, although its supply is dwindling. This wine is a Cab in the old world style, meaning the fruit is more muted but the overall taste impression offers balance and structure, and even elegance. It is fun & interesting to try the way a single grape varietal, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, differs so much based on the winemaker and the location of the vineyards, as in the Cab from Joel Gott from Napa vs. this Cab from Listra from Italy. And there are lots of other comparisons you can experience with us at Fratello’s, such as a Pinot Noir from CA vs. a Pinot from Oregon, or from France.┬áIt is one of the reasons I enjoy wine. Just a thought.

We hope you are well, and staying warm, and perhaps might even mosey over to visit this weekend. Thanks for your support. Take care.