The big day is almost here. The stockings are hung, our homes are festive, the little ones (and some of us big ones as well!) are getting excited, I’m sure Santa’s workshop is even busier than our kitchen (although hard to believe, just saying), and with luck we might even have a white Christmas this year. I bet you have been busy, preparing everything so that all goes well, including the wonderful meals you are planning this weekend. Why don’t you give yourselves a break, take a breather and come join us for some fine food & wine this weekend. We will be featuring Beef Funghetto, Bay of Fundy Salmon (which we all know is all so good for you!) and a little bit of Lemon Sole. We would love to see you and toast the Holidays, so consider joining us, we’d love to see ya’!

On our wine board, it has finally happened, Locations E has joined the party. “E” is one of the “Alphabet” wines created by Dave Phinney, the noted winemaker behind such wines as The Prisoner, Abstract, Palermo, Papillon, Saldo (all of which we have on our wine list) and others, and each wine hails from a specific country and features grapes from that region. In this case, “E” stands for Spain, as in Espana, and

the wine is made from Tempranillo, among the signature grapes of Spain. This wine offers fruit, balance and a medium body, just a delicious wine, and is my favorite of all his “Alphabet” wines.

For many reasons, this time of year is a time to celebrate, and I suggest you consider treating yourselves to a wonderful wine to enjoy this season. We have many such wines, and among the wines I have enjoyed recently are some of the Brunellos we have, as well as the red Italian wine Gratius, which I am expecting a shipment of tomorrow. These wines are 100% Sangiovese, among the best wines anywhere to have with food, and which work very well with our menu. These wines are not inexpensive, but they are worth it, as are you, so treat yourselves. Just a thought.

All kidding aside, and the material aspects of the season notwithstanding, this time of year is about more than what presents you will receive. It is a time of thanksgiving, of joy, of peace & harmony, of respect, courtesy & honor, and a time of love. May all of these be with you, and with all of us who share this world together, this weekend, this Christmas and throughout the year. Thank you for all your support, and Peace be with you. Take care.


P.S. A personal note, if I may. As may be true for some of you, unfortunately, some friends of mine have become ill this time of year, and I want to wish them good health and a speedy recovery, hopefully to enjoy the Holidays with their families. Take care, Billy & Phil, and to everyone recovering from an illness.