Last week I commented how nice it was outside, sunny, kind of warm, etc. This week it feels much more like Christmas, I even saw snow this afternoon. But this is the time of the season, to borrow a phrase, and I suggest you consider joining us to celebrate the season, spread and receive good cheer, and enjoy some tasty food & wine with us. We will featuring Beef Braciole, Wild Stripped Bass, and Black Grouper. This is a wonderful time of year, although it does have its challenges (you know what I mean), and we would love to see you. Come join us!

Last week I mentioned a few wines from Italy that were not on our list but I recommend that you try, a Barolo and a Brunello, among the finest wines produced in all of Italy.  A few of these wines are still available, and I am due to receive another Italian red tomorrow that you might also consider. This wine is a Rosso di Montalcino from a respected maker of Brunello, and I am told that it drinks like a high end Brunello at a lesser cost. Both Rosso and Brunello are Sangiovese wines, which you faithful readers know is among my favorite wines to have with a meal. This wine comes from a distributor who is fairly new to me, and they deal only with Italian wines. I also hope to receive a Pinot Grigio tomorrow, which I have tasted and provides a different take on Pinot Grigio than you might be used to. Give it a try, you just might like it.

I hope you are well and warm, and the upcoming holidays are progressing well for you. Thanks for all your support, and I’l hoping that we’ll see you soon – maybe even this weekend!