Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a week away, to the day in fact. I have even been told that those trees that people put in their homes celebrating the season to come have been sighted, and not just in a lot but set up ready to go in a home. Not to be a Scrooge, but really?…..let us enjoy and celebrate Thanksgiving before we go to the next step. Thanksgiving to me is a time to be thankful of many things in life, such as the thanks we feel for your support all these many years. It has also become a day of feasting, as I bet will happen for many of you. Let me suggest that you give yourselves a break ahead of next week and join us for dinner this weekend. We will be featuring Blue Marlin, Black Grouper and the always colorful Certified Angus Beef Texas Sirloin Steaks, kind of a black-n-blue weekend. Come join us, we’d love to see ya’!

As for the wines, not black-n-blue but we have plenty of red-white-rose wines for you to enjoy. On our wine board we have a plethora of Cabernet, with the Napa Cab from Joel Gott, the Mic Drop Cab from Washington by Treasure Hunter, and the Italian Cab from Bolgheri, Listra. All of these wines are very good and very affordable, yet very different even though they are made from the same grape varietal. It is differences like this that make wine so enjoyable, at least to me. As I have said many times, I bet we have a wine that you will enjoy. Come see, and enjoy.

As I said above, Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and I would be remiss if I did not thank you again for your support and friendship. We are fast approaching our 25th year in business, and it is not a stretch to say that we have grown up – or older – with you, so let me say thanks again. On a personal note, allow me to say thanks to my brother and partner and our amazing staff, without whose help these 25 years would not have happened.

I hope you are well, and I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks again, and take care.