Well, it’s not exactly swimming weather, but we like it. It makes the kitchen a much happier place to be. And it allows them to concentrate and prepare some tasty dishes for you to enjoy this weekend. Our features include Mong Chong – no, not a city in China, but a tasty fish – Halibut Cheeks – which should make you smile – and Pork Tenderloin, which hopefully needs no explanation. Except perhaps how we are going to prepare it for you, but we have to keep some secrets, at least until the weekend. And I expect them to prepare some veal and shrimp and calamari and chicken and eggplant and pasta and clams and mussels….for you to enjoy as well.

Our wine feature board continues to offer the excellent Cabernet from Joel Gott and the Locations “E” from Dave Phinney, and recently I have added the very good Tempranillo from Creta Roble, which is very good with our menu. This wine hails from Spain, which offers very good value for your wine dollar. We have several Spanish wines on our list, and I urge you to try them. The feature board also has a Sangiovese from Tuscany, a Morellino Di Scansano from Fattoria La Peschiera, which obviously is a good fit for Fratello’s, and a very good Pinot Noir from Chile, of all places, from Errazuriz, which is a well respected vineyard in Chile. I have often suggested that there is a lot of juice out there from all over the world to enjoy, and this Pinot fits this bill. The wine offers fruit and body, and seems as if it is from California. In the near future I will be offering a new feature from Italy, and I have in the wings another excellent Pinot from Oregon for you to enjoy. Stay tuned or ask me when you visit.

One other wine we are featuring is a white Chardonnay blend from California which is also made by Dave Phinney, Mannequin. This wine is somewhat allocated – meaning hard to get – and offers fruit and medium to full body with slight oak overtones. If you are a typical California Chardonnay fan this wine will work for you, and we are offering it at quite a discount, both by the bottle and by the glass. And speaking of Dave Phinney, as you know we offer a number of his wines, including “E”, “I”, Fittings, Abstract, Prisoner, Saldo and Palermo. I am expecting yet another of his wines to arrive today, Papillon, which is also highly allocated. This wine is a Cabernet blend, typically with the other Bordeaux varietals thrown in, such as Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec. It is one of his signature and better wines, although to be honest all of his wines are very good. Not inexpensive, but a quality wine.

So that’s all, folks. Thanks for reading, and thanks for being such good customers and friends. We look forward to seeing you soon.